STEP 3: Shipping + Fulfillment

Vendors are responsible for fulfilling and shipping/delivery of orders after a customer has completed a purchase.


  1. Customer purchases product
  2. Email is sent to Vendor notifying them of the purchase (email comes from
  3. Vendor logs into their Vendor Dashboard to view product and customer information
  4. Vendor fulfills order within 72 hours (unless it is stated differently on their product description and/or contact has been made with the buyer)
    1. Fulfilling order (within 72 hours) means either
      1. Item is out for delivery
      2. Item has been dropped off at location
      3. Item is ready for pickup and buyer has received communication of when and where to pick up
  5. Vendor logs back into their Vendor Dashboard and marks the order as processed.
    1. Don’t forget a THANK YOU note to your new customer! (Thank them for shopping local.)


Many vendors offer free shipping. If so, you do not need to add any information under Product Shipping. If not, please keep reading:

Product Shipping is set up allowing Vendors to charge appropriate shipping and handling on their items. Shipping is paid for by the buyer and passed on to the Vendor (or fulfillment entity) and is not part of the overall product price when calculating commission. In the State of Kansas, all shipping charges are taxable.

We have teamed up with Sendle to expedite and reduce shipping headaches. You will see the rates for shipping in the dropdown when you set up the product in your vendor back-end. If you require additional shipping, please add that below.

STUCK? Email us at and we will gladly help you out!


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