Getting Started


  1. Vendor Shops: Your personal e-commerce solution to sell your fabulous wares. You will have a private backend customer database where you can track orders, fulfillment steps, commission and more.
  2. Digital Downloads: A local addition to BandCamp or iTunes (etc), ideal for local musicians. Sell digital downloads, e-books, gift cards or experiences online.
  3. Affiliate Shop: Feature select products from your store on our website with a “Buy Product” button which directs the customer to your e-commerce product page. There, you will handle the entire purchase, from transaction to shipping to fulfillment. Available for local businesses who already have an affiliate program established. Please contact Kerrice prior to setting up.


Register Online *NOTE: Vendor Name must be unique and determines the name used throughout the store. You may not change this later; there may not be two vendors with the same name After you submit the form, shop.seveneightfive will review the application and manually approve or not-approve registration. This may take up to 48 hours. You will receive an email with status. If you have not receive an email with status update within 48 hours, please contact us at


Once approved, you can configure settings in the dashboard as you wish. Go to Store Settings

  • Vendor Logo
  • Vendor Profile: Enter a description of you and your store
  • Vendor Email: List of email addresses, separated by a comma, to receive store-related notifications.
  • PayPal Email: Email associated with the vendor’s PayPal account, to receive payments.
  • Commission: Set by shop.seveneightfive (see commission breakdown below)
  • Timezone: Location of the vendor store – all should say UTC-6 (Topeka, Kansas)
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