STEP 4: Commission + Pay


Vendors should have a PayPal account to receive Instant Payments or Weekly Scheduled Payments. Go to to sign up or verify that the email address is correct on your existing account.

Venmo or Apple Pay is also accepted, payments may take up to 72 hours.

We can also process payments and send a check, monthly.


  • 92% to Vendor
    4% goes to credit card / online transaction fees
    4% goes to support

    Products are picked up at your physical store by buyer or the Vendor fulfills the order via delivery or shipping. SHIPPING: Shipping rates are set by the vendor and funds are directly paid to the vendor to cover costs.  All products that are shipped have a $1.50 handling fee, paid for by the buyer, added to vendor payout. We hope this helps in fulfillment time on the vendor, ensuring prompt service for buyer.

    Vendor handles any returns according to their personal return policy.

  • Affiliate Linked Products
    $15 per product listing, invoiced after products are approved.
    Product listing valid for one year.

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