STEP 2: Add Products

Now that you are a Vendor, login and you’ll see an orange button that directs you to your Vendor Dashboard. Go there and start creating your shop / listing your products.


  • Simple Product: Not simple, but wonderful as it is your product

  • Variable: Offer variations of product such as sizes or colors

  • Digital / Downloadable: Local music – must include encoded URL link and or send files to for packaging. Include MetaData and Cover Art with email

  • Affiliate Linked Product: Product listing with direct link to your ecommerce page or website. Ideal for local vendors who have affiliate programs in place but would like to be represented on – Please send affiliate application link to for compilation and set-up.


Product Image Size: Optimum full size image is 800px wide (RGB, low res – under 200kbs)
SKU: Authors put your ISBN number in the SKU box. All others, include a SKU number that you use for your bookkeeping / tracking

STEP-BY-STEP Guide to adding products, categories, tags, shipping, etc.


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